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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Criteo, we believe the future is wide open when it includes everyone.

For us, that means our people, partners, clients, and the consumers they serve.

As a global technology company, we believe that a diverse and inclusive culture is the cornerstone for driving creative collaboration and sustainable change across the industry.

We are proud that our employees can be themselves at work. Our mission is to sustain our focus on equity, and building stronger diversity through how we hire, develop, reward, and retain all talent at Criteo.

We empower our employees to impact the industry, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do, delivering richer experiences for all.

Our Pillars


Increase our efforts to attract, hire, develop and retain diverse talent


Ensure equitable opportunities for learning, career, and compensation for all


Strengthen our culture of belonging for all Criteos, partners, clients, and the consumers we serve

Message from Rachel, SVP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Strengths

  • 43% of our Criteos globally are women, which is above the tech industry average; and our US Minority population make up for 30% of all employees in the region
  • We are proud to have Women in our Top Leadership roles: CEO, CFO, CHRO and Chairperson
  • We believe gender equity is crucial to our success and we have closed the salary gap for men and women at Criteo to zero
  • We are proud to have seven actively engaged Employee Resource Groups who support our diverse communities throughout Criteo, providing sponsorship, awareness and allyship through a calendar of events and networking activities
  • Our flexible working policies promotes an environment where our employees can remain engaged, efficient, and productive, to balance their personal and career commitments and supporting employee wellbeing
  • Our parental leave policy includes additional paid time tailored for both parents: the primary or secondary caregiver, ensuring that new parents can spend quality time with their growing families
  • We enhance our employees' overall quality of life by providing best-in-class health and wellbeing benefits and perks across all our offices
  • We encourage individual learning and growth with our internal program as well as access for all Criteos to our Learning Quest platform and over 5000 online courses through LinkedIn Learning
  • We encourage sustainable practices and community involvement with access to Volunteer Paid Days for all Criteos
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Proud to be Family Friendly

At Criteo we understand that for many of our current and prospective employees, that it is important that they are joining a culture where there is an understanding that there is a life outside of work. This is especially important for our employees who are considering starting a family, and with the many life changes and commitments that come with being a parental or caring responsibilities. Our culture is only strengthened with inclusion for all, and the ability to know that we respect that there is a life and priorities outside of work. Our Criteos can be their best self when they know they are supported through all life experiences

Family friendly company

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Returnship Program

Are you ready to relaunch your professional career, use your valuable experience, and freshen up your skills in a company that celebrates diverse thinkers? Well you’ve come to the right place!
At Criteo, everyone can contribute to create something better.

Discover our Returnship Program

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Making a stand for diversity

Criteo recently took its commitment to the next level by signing the LGBTQIA+ Charter with L’Autre Cercle in December 2021 and the LEAD Network CEO Pledge in March 2022. 

Lead Network Pledge

Our Numbers

Today we are proud that 43% of Criteos are women.

Our CEO - Megan Clarken; CHRO  - Manuela Montagnana, CFO - Sarah Glickman, are championing leadership and gender equity for Criteo from the top. As is our Chairperson of the Board - Rachel Picard, who holds a unique position in the tech industry in this influential position.

While we are still recognizing that we can continue to strengthen our commitment to support belonging for all employees, we are proud of our culture today with an overall Inclusion Index Score of 83. 

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Our Awards

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Our Objectives

  • Increase our efforts to hire, develop and retain diverse talent throughout Criteo
  • Strengthen our culture of belonging for all Criteos and provide a sustainable and safe workplace for all Criteos
  • Focus on manager accountability for inclusion, well-being, sustainability, and engagement
  • Raise awareness and commitment across Criteo to create a positive impact on the planet and address climate change
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Communities at Criteo

Criteo Cares is our Corporate Social Responsibility program. Its mission is to leverage our company’s unique assets to support the three pillars of the program: Environment, Diversity & Inclusion, Tech For Good.

Learn more

Our DEI Stories

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A Fresh Eyes Perspective on DEI at Criteo

The recent launch of Criteo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion vision and commitments marks a foundational step in the company’s DEI journey. Rachel Scheel talks about where Criteo is today, where it’s going and her role in helping steer a course as…

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What we Stand For

Be yourself

Meet Dominik, our global lead for the Criteo Cares Pride Community.