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Your kind of family

Family Friendly Philosophy

At Criteo we understand that for many of our current and prospective employees, that it is important that they are joining a culture where there is an understanding that there is a life outside of work. This is especially important for our employees who are considering starting a family, and with the many life changes and commitments that come with being a parental or caring responsibilities. Our culture is only strengthened with inclusion for all, and the ability to know that we respect that there is a life and priorities outside of work. Our Criteos can be their best self when they know they are supported through all life experiences

Supporting Working Parents & Families

At Criteo, we take pride in being a caring culture and are committed to providing our employees with valuable benefits that support their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing, their interests and the important life events.

Work Life Integration

All employees have flexibility options to combine working from home and connecting in our collaborative office spaces​ - allowing parents to better balance their work and home life commitments.

Mindfulness and well-being

We provide all employees with access to the Headspace application to promote mindfulness and support for well-being​, including dedicated resources for parents and kids to support families.

Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program supports health and well-being with access to counselling for employees and their families​, including dedicated resources and support for parents.

Parental Leave

Our Parental Leave extends to birthing parents, adoptive parents and gestational support to support inclusion for all

Compassionate Leave

Our compassionate leave policy extends to paid time off for pregnancy loss

Family Forming Benefits

Our global benefit ensures that all employees and their partners have access to fertility and family forming benefits and support.

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Family Friendly Company Label

The Non profit "Ensemble pour l'Education de la Petite Enfance", in partnership with the French Ministry of Health has for mission to help companies willing to support parenthood, early childhood and work-life balance, turn the proposals of the 1000 days report** into concrete actions.
With this label, Criteo is committing to:

  • Educate leaders, managers and employees on the issues of parenthood in the company
  • Consolidate good practices in favour of reconciling work-life balance
  • Optimize the impact of family policy in the company
  • Identify the levers of transformation to respond to new societal challenges.

**1000 days report is a Santé Publique initiative. The first 1000 days, the period between pregnancy and the chird's 2 years, is a window of vulnerability for the baby but also a time of opportunity, for future and young parents to offer the foatus and then the baby an environment conducive to its development. Read more on

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Parents Community

At Criteo, we take pride in being a caring culture and a community of individuals that genuinely support and celebrate each other. Our Parents Community is one of 7 active Employee Resource Groups that support our diverse talents.

With the Parents Community we work on building a trusted and inclusive community where parents and soon-to-be parents can support each other. We raise awareness for the needs and challenges that any caregiver faces, make our employees better understand the world of parenthood and solve the potential isolation feeling of parents at Criteo. The community is a place where parents can feel that they are not alone, that they belong, and they can share their experiences.

The Parents Community supports our working parents, allies, and all Criteo employees with an annual calendar of events and aims at having an open ear and being the voice of parents at Criteo.

Returnship Program

In February, we launched our Career Returnship Program - our Back to Work Program that supports the return to the workplace, of external talent who took an extended careers break for diverse reasons. The Returnship Program is a permanent contract including a 6-month crafted program; that offers flexible working patterns, mentorship, and training, in a structured and supportive environment.

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What we Stand For

Promoting Parenting

Criteos Virginie and Marie face the same challenge of looking to balance their professional careers alongside their very important roles as new moms. Also in common: both received a job promotion while they were on maternity leave, and here they…

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What we Stand For

Criteo Returnship Program

Criteo launched a Returnship Program for talent that has taken a career break due to parental or other caregiving responsibilities. It is a program crafted to ensure a seamless and enjoyable back-to-work experience.

Open to you, as you are.