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Global Sales Effectiveness Manager

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    • Barcelona, Spain
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Global Sales Effectiveness Manager

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Job ID: r17053

What You'll Do:


Sales Effectiveness is a global team within Criteo that aims to drive sales growth and productivity by strengthening sales processes, managing sales tools and driving change within Criteo’s Client Solutions organization to increase the Client Solutions teams’ productivity and effectiveness. Sales Effectiveness team sits under the Global Sales and Customer Excellence team.

As the Sales Effectiveness Senior Manager, you will be an integral part of a Criteo’s fast growing business, leading a team of young, innovative and a high profile individuals. We have a vibrant culture, and we truly believe in team spirit and collaboration. You will partner very closely with the rest of the Sales and Customer Excellence team and the Client Solutions teams to boost sales efficiency through sales process improvement, tools selection, implementation, reporting & training.

You are someone who has ideally worked in sales, revenue operations or sales operations in the past and knows what drives commercial success. You know how to engage with the senior sales leaders about sales processes and metrics that move the needle for them and their teams. You have an excellent knowledge of what good looks like in the usage of Salesforce and you are able to articulate it and bring people along. You have experience in coaching and upskilling a team to drive business outcomes.

Your goals will be:

  • Drive Salesforce Transformation: Achieve seamless change management, adoption and support of the Criteo’s CRM transformation by the end of 2025 with multiple milestones until then.

  • Optimize the Sales Process Continuously: Contribute to a reduction in sales cycle time and an increase in conversion rates.

  • Drive Tool Adoption and Satisfaction: Drive increase and/or maintain high adoption (+95%) and satisfaction in the tools you oversee.

  • Provide Data-Driven Insights: Set-up the framework to define, report and track KPIs aligned with business goals. Elevate this further by providing regular insights to the Client Solutions team.

  • Enable the Client Solutions Team: Elevate Client Solutions team knowledge on processes & tools via trainings and robust self-service knowledge center, resulting in decreased volume on support queries and increased training satisfaction rates.

  • Support the Users: Drive increased user satisfaction on the user queries, reduce response times, and optimize query resolution volumes.

  • Cultivate Knowledge Sharing and Innovation: Bring the “Process and Tools Champions” community to the next level by continuing to strengthen their position and mission within the Client Solutions organization.

  • Happy Team: Maintain a high employee engagement score and nurture & retain the top talent.

How will achieve those goals:

  • Driving CRM Transformation: Play a pivotal role in our CRM transformation journey, spearheading the change management efforts and ensuring seamless adoption and support.

    • Strategic Execution for Target CRM: Collaborate closely with the rest of the Sales Excellence team to ensure successful implementation of the target CRM. Your role encompasses being an expert in the existing processes and overseeing change management efforts. This includes launching communication, delivering training, collecting feedback, and providing user support post launch.

    • Optimize Sales Processes for Impact: Collaborate with the rest of the Sales Excellence team to identify and rectify sales process bottlenecks, leading initiatives that accelerate the sales cycle. This contributes to an increase in conversion rates.

  • Maximizing Value from Tools and External Data:

    • Drive Adoption and Efficiency: Increase operational efficiency by driving the adoption of current tools that enable our processes and fundamentally boost overall sales team performance.

    • Innovate with New Solutions: Continuously align tool and external data landscape with evolving business needs to enhance sales effectiveness. Proactively research new / emerging tools and data, collaborating with sales leadership to identify and recommend solutions aligned with business goals.

  • Empowering Decision-Making with Data Insights:

    • Strategic KPI Definition and Tracking: Define and track KPIs aligned with business goals, providing valuable insights to sales leadership for informed decision-making and strategic alignment. Additionally, perform data-driven trend analysis, sharing findings with Sales Strategy and Sales Leadership teams to steer optimized outcomes.

    • Impactful Reporting: Create and manage essential Salesforce reports tailored to the sales organization's requirements, offering actionable insights.

  • Enabling Client Solutions Team’s Success:

    • Empower Users Through Trainings and Self-Service Knowledge: Enhance the newly established knowledge base, ensuring comprehensive coverage of processes and tools for all Criteo’s Client Solutions teams, and equipping teams with the information they require to excel in their roles. Develop impactful sales training materials on sales processes and tools. Establish an annual training calendar that captures sales teams' needs and captures Sales Excellence project launches.

    • Support Users: Provide dedicated support to users, addressing their inquiries promptly and effectively. Oversee the external support provider, driving continuous enhancement of user support services. Regularly share insights gleaned from user support queries with relevant teams, fostering targeted improvements to processes and tools. Strive for heightened support satisfaction, reduced response times, and optimized query resolution volumes.

    • Cultivate Knowledge Sharing and Innovation: Lead the "processes and tools community," comprising champions across the Client Solutions team on a regular basis. Cultivate a culture that embraces innovation and learning, and best practice sharing.

  • Leading the Team Effectively:

    • Manage a team of 5 Field Sales Effectiveness Analysts. Coach the team around a common framework with tools and techniques on how to effectively drive change management.

    • Upskilling the team to transform/enable them to become trusted advisors capable of driving change and leading conversations with internal senior stakeholders

Who You Are:

  • Proven track record of driving outcomes in sales, sales operations, sales enablement, or a related role.

  • Proven track record of driving operational excellence, process improvement, and digital transformation initiatives in different markets and/or across multiple functions

  • Proficiency in CRM systems (preferably Salesforce) and other sales tools.

  • Strong leadership and communication skills, with the ability to influence and collaborate with stakeholders at all levels.

  • Strong organizational and project management abilities.

  • Customer-centric mindset to understand needs and constantly improve our internal customer (Client Solutions team) outcomes.

  • Experience in leading and managing teams.

  • Experience in driving change within an organization.

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to make data-driven decisions and drive results.

  • Proactive and self-motivated with the ability to work independently and thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.

We acknowledge that many candidates may not meet every single role requirement listed above. If your experience looks a little different from our requirements but you believe that you can still bring value to the role, we’d love to see your application!​

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