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Making a Stand for Gender Parity

Making a Stand for Gender Parity

At Criteo we have set out clear commitments towards advancing gender parity, and we are proud to be driving meaningful change for women in workplace with our declaration to sustain pay equity globally and our focus to improve career paths in technology for women. This month, we are furthering that commitment, with our CEO, Megan Clarken signing a formal pledge holding us accountable to substantially accelerate gender parity with the LEAD network, alongside over 30 other partner organisations.

At Criteo, every year we celebrate International Women’s Day with a series of week-long events aimed to engage and inspire discussions which elevate our focus towards diversity, equity and inclusion centered primarily around women in the workplace. But at Criteo, this is only one of many efforts throughout the year. We are actively committed to gender parity and we are actively working towards sustaining real change and improvements to advance the role of women and highlighting the important topics to create a safe and inclusive workplace.

As a global Ad Tech company, we can make an impact at scale on the topic of gender representation, and we understand the importance of our role in proactively supporting the social, cultural, and professional achievements of women for now and our future. Real change comes with clear actionable goals and a commitment from all levels in the organisation. Why is this so important? Having true diversity matters for innovation, supporting the best ideas to build the best products, and therefore this means creating clear pathways to allow women to enter the industry and to be successful.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day, announced by UN Women is ‘Gender Equality today for a Sustainable tomorrow’. This statement recognizes the impact and contribution of women all around the world, and the opportunities that exist in impacting a real impact on building a sustainable future that supports our environment and societal obligations.

Our focus in 2022 at Criteo is to continue our commitments to supporting and celebrating the achievements of women, acting for gender equality; as well as our efforts to build a more sustainable future. We have seven active community groups, including women, parents, education, green, BIPOC, disability and pride. We have an exciting calendar of events for key celebration dates (such as International Women’s Day), and we are activating these opportunities to bring our communities together building heightened awareness on important environmental and social topics.

"Our planet -- mother earth was the first woman to love us and provide us shelter on her luscious green planet. We must do everything to protect her. Women are imperative to this fight because we lead with empathy, strength, and innovation"

Daphne Frias – Guest Speaker at IWD Criteo

Additionally, we will be hosting various internal panel discussions and events with our Women’s and Parent’s communities, as well as other internal teams, to highlight the discussion around female equity, as well as celebrating the great women who work at Criteo, and which is critical to strengthening our inclusive culture.

As a key event for this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations, Criteo will also be formally signing the LEAD network CEO pledge for Gender Parity. At Criteo we are proud to be 42% female, and we have strong female representation on our C-suite with a female Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief People Officer, as well as female chairpersons. We also recognize that we have a clear commitment to continue advancing female career paths, sponsoring early talent, and providing development, coaching, and mentoring to encourage more opportunities for the future leaders of Criteo.

"Signing this pledge signals Criteo’s clear commitments towards continued and sustained improvements for gender parity. It’s our public statement to say that we’ll continue to do the right things here at Criteo to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as create more opportunities to attract female talent to our industry."

Megan Clarken, CEO, Criteo

Discover our Pledge

We commit to meaningfully accelerate gender parity and drive inclusion in the European Retail & CPG value chain. Discover more by reading our Pledge.



We understand that this is not just an event, and this work doesn’t stop with a signature and a commitment on paper. This pledge holds us accountable to our efforts to mark a call to action for accelerating gender parity right across Criteo. It comes with an organizational approach, and real and purposeful programs that support improved representation at all levels of Criteo.

In January, we launched our Criteo Careers Returnship Program, focused on attracting and hiring women back from a long-term break due to family or caring responsibilities. We know that women are most likely to take extended absences for family responsibilities, which often means stepping away from the workforce. We also know that returning after longer periods of absence can be difficult and daunting. Our program provides our returners with six months dedicated onboarding, support, training, and reintegration back to the workforce. This is just one program of many that we will be supporting to encourage more meaningful opportunities tailored to women in our industry, that actively support an inclusive culture for all.

We have set a clear pathway towards gender parity at Criteo, and we will make a difference. Signing this pledge reaffirms our commitment to success, and a future where we see stronger representation at all levels of our industry.

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