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Returnship Program

The Future is wide open, and so is yours.

Are you ready to relaunch your professional career, use your valuable experience, and freshen up your skills in a company that celebrates diverse thinkers? Well you’ve come to the right place! At Criteo, everyone can contribute to create something better.  

The journey back to work can be overwhelming after a career break, but we’re here for you. We will support your transition back into professional life. 

We have carefully crafted a six-month program with a permanent contract including flexible working patterns and hours, mentorship, trainings, extended onboarding and much more. 

You can look forward to a seamless and enjoyable back to work experience in which you will feel comfortable making an impact.  With our support, you’ll be empowered to define your own path and identify the opportunities that matter most to you.

Recruitment Process

The interview process may be slightly different depending on the department and location. We understand that you might be feeling a bit unsure about going through an interview process. Don’t worry!  We’ll cheer you on and support you all the way to makesure you are prepared for all the steps to come. A dedicated program manager from the Returnship program will be by your side throughout the process. Even this early in the process, you’ll see that at Criteo we care for each other. 

Voices at Criteo

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What we Stand For

Promoting Parenting

Criteos Virginie and Marie face the same challenge of looking to balance their professional careers alongside their very important roles as new moms. Also in common: both received a job promotion while they were on maternity leave, and here they…

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What we Stand For

Inclusive Leadership – An Ongoing Journey

A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are embedded in Criteo’s Open and Together values. Three of the company’s leaders talk about how awareness, understanding and curiosity contribute to embracing and living DEI principles.

Don't take out word for it. Read what the team has to say!

For any questions regarding the returnship program feel free to reach out to