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What We Care For

What Diversity means to us

At Criteo, our values are Open, Together and Impactful. Not only does this apply to our business practices, but it underlines the core of our Diversity and Inclusion work. We understand that creating an inclusive workplace is not an easy thing to check off our list but a life-long commitment to holding ourselves accountable to be open to change and inviting diverse perspectives and amplifying the voices of those who sometimes don’t have a fair chance to be heard. Through allyship and advocating for one another, we embody together as we act deliberately to make sure we are treating others the way they want to be treated. Through our D&I work our main goal is to be impactful in our efforts by setting goals, collecting data, and holding ourselves accountable to be better.

We are working on improving our culture of diversity, equity and inclusion every day and have set some ambitious goals that are bringing us together from around the globe with one thing in mind: the belonging of every single one of our employees. With regular trainings, diverse speaking engagements, internal process audits, and surveys we are serious about what it means to be an inclusive workplace. In tandem, our lively community groups provide spaces for employees to connect, ally, and advocate for one another.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion embraces everything we do at Criteo, how we work, how we treat each other, and the impact we have on our clients, partners, and the consumers we serve.

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Criteo Cares Communities

Criteo Cares Communities allow the Criteos to get involved in the issues they care about by meeting other like-minded colleagues with whom they can launch joint projects to raise awareness and change their company, Criteo. Each community has a leader who liaises with the CSR Manager in order to move in a common direction and bring ideas to the top of the organization.

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Green Community

The Green community aims to raise the Criteos' awareness of environmental issues and to support the company's transformation towards a more responsible future. The ideas of the community members help the company to evolve. For example, by reducing plastic in offices and canteens, moving towards green energy, offering vegetarian meals in company restaurants, reducing paper, raising awareness of the carbon footprint of digital technology, etc.

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Women@Criteo is an inclusive Employee Resource Group that aims to transform and promote gender equality at Criteo. The group's mission is to be a catalyst for the advancement of women in the workplace at Criteo and in our industry and promote equal access to all opportunities across our organization. Through initiatives such as training and coaching, seminars, open discussions, networking and mentorship, Women@Criteo aims to engage, empower and inspire employees.

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Pride Community

We stand for an open, inclusive, and safe work environment. Our community aims to provide visibility and a sense of belonging for LGBTQ+ members and allies. We recognize that race or ethnicity, biological gender, culture, age, ability status, class, faith, and other social characteristics influence our sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

​​​​​​​We take an intersectional approach to our work. Fighting one form of discrimination means fighting all forms. We are committed to promoting equity, dignity, and respect. Multiple, intersecting identities and personal stories make up our community. Criteo wants to be part of a positive social change where human rights are always defended. Pride Community encourages an open and inclusive work environment where Criteos can be themselves and feel supported as employees.

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BIPOC Community

The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community at Criteo was inspired by the BIPOC project. We believe in the power of the community as we know that we are stronger together. Above all, we need to show solidarity and we commit to fighting against racial inequalities and racism.

BIPOC at Criteo mission is to create a culture that empowers employees of color by creating safe spaces, providing resources for career development, and offering educational opportunities to the Criteo community. The programs BIPOC at Criteo runs, like a book club, mentorship programs, and volunteer events, help us all learn and grow together.

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Critenable Community

The Critenable Community was created at first by a group of employees who believe we need to better take care of our employees with disabilities, whatever they are, visible or invisible. It is now an open group, composed of criteos who discuss and take action together to build a more accessible world for people with disabilities, wherever they are (outside or inside Criteo).

​​​​​​​We believe creating more awareness around disability situations is critical to create a more inclusive world and to become an even more inclusive company. The Critenable Community commits to improving the employees who have disabilities’ experience at Criteo: we want to take action so that these employees are able to demonstrate the full capacity of their creativity, innovation, performance, success.

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Education Community

At Criteo we believe in putting our skills, experience, and expertise at the service of the others. That's why volunteers from the Education community can coach young students, train middle-school students in the first approach to coding, accompany high school students in their orientation, etc.

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Parents Community

Our mission is to make our colleagues understand the world of parenthood and avoid parents' potential isolation at Criteo. We want to be Criteo parents' voice to ensure our needs are met and prevent isolation/exclusion/discrimination feelings and increase awareness around the parenthood world with the main challenges and joys related.

Our objective is to develop a trusted and inclusive community where parents and parents-to-be can support each other aligned with company’s policies. We want to create a work environment where every individual at work supports, strives to engage, and empower employee parents, caregivers, and allies. Also, we think it's essential to create a sense of belonging and community between parents.

What commitment means to us

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