Hero Flexible Work Policy

Flexible Work Policy

Criteo WFH Philosophy

Criteo has always focused on maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all Criteos. We strongly believe that flexibility is essential to remain engaged, efficient, and productive.We acknowledge that working from home implies autonomy of our employees, mutual trust between the manager and employees, dialogue and transparency.
Therefore, based on those beliefs and our values OPEN, TOGETHER and IMPACTFUL we have developed our Work from Home policy:
  • OPEN: we are inclusive and consider the needs and wishes of all employees, we stimulate innovation through dedicated instances;
  • TOGETHER: we care for the well-being of all employees, we create new opportunities for employee collaboration;
  • IMPACTFUL: we involve the leadership to lead by example and inspire.

Criteo WFH Policy

So, how did we do it? Basically by understanding our employees’ diverse needs. We conducted a series of surveys (in which we had 93% participation rate)) during 2020 to understand the biggest challenges, needs and asks from our employees while working from home due to Covid19. In addition, we deep dived in the different locations where Criteo has an office, to better understand the feedback and input from employees and managers in such locations. Finally, we did an analysis of the best practices on the work from home and flexible working arrangements from companies similar to Criteo among a variety of locations.

Our main findings: · 94% employees wish to continue WFH in the future but they want a mix between WFH and WFO.

Flexibility is a key priority for our Criteos, as well as balancing the need to socialize and connect with our Culture and other Criteos. Our offices will continue to play a key role in the future, even if our ways of working and office dynamics will be changing. The result: a policy in which we encourage employees to work from home 2/3 days per week, while providing flexibility to accommodate different work from home patterns based on their need. Criteos will have the opportunity to connect with their colleagues and friends in our office spaces, by mixing WFH and WFO.

Criteo WFH Environment and Resources


We offer to all Criteos working from home a monthly allowance depending on the Work From Home Pattern selected and their location.

This allowance is designed to compensate internet, electricity, heating/air condition and any other costs associated with working from home.

Equipment We support employees in equipping themselves if they choose to Work From Home at least one day per week.

​​​​​​​(desk, chairs, monitors, ergonomics and so on..)
Feelgood initiatives  Each week, a different set of activities is set up by our team of workplace managers, organized per region to bring people together. 
Sessions have included:  Wellbeing in winter webinar, Sleep School, Cocktail making classes, Pilates at your desk, Fitness programs, Learn how to meditate workshop,  Lunchtime learn sessions … 

Criteo Remote Interviewing & Onboarding

The onboarding has been tailored to make you feel at home even in the distance. From the first day of onboading with the leaders’ presentation, to the moments when you’ll meet your Buddy or complete your Network Builder with your managers, you’ll be supported during your first month. You’ll benefit from with new tools to enhance your digital learning experience while starting to discover the company.

Discover more Tips to ace your remote interview from Talent Acquisition Team  on our Life blog.

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