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From the inside

Let's be Limitless!

Posted by Nam |

Software Development Engineer Nam tells us about his Limitless experience in Croatia last June for the summit, and how it felt to be back together with 3000 Criteos.

On a breezing summer day in the Paris suburb, I queued up after this long line at the airport of Orly. I found myself again in a strange place. But this time, I wasn’t surrounded by strangers. Black backpack, orange logo, and many similar faces. My co-workers, from all around the world, somehow united here to start the same journey. 

The Criteo Limitless

The global event would take place in Croatia for 4 days. After all the hardship we’ve been through due to the pandemic, we can finally gather for real. I was psyched because it meant to be my first summit ever with Criteo. The journey started for me with a 2-hour flight from Paris, France to Split, Croatia. Other colleagues from other regions had already been on the go for a couple of days. The tiredness from long-hour flights couldn’t hide the enthusiasm on their faces. Singapore, Japan, United States. From all corners of the globe, they were all coming to be on this flight full of Criteos. We were heading to our destination, Amadria Park. An adventure full of memorable events has been awaiting us.

Croatia welcomed me with unbearable heat. The summer has just begun but the scorching days have arrived here. In contrast to the red-hot weather, the Limitless support staff received us with refreshing smiles. We took a shuttle bus to the planned meeting point. The mountainous landscapes were sliding outside of my window. Inside the bus, Criteos were introducing themselves to their co-workers. networking. The small talk began. Which Criteo office do you come from? How long have you been working for Criteo? The shuttle bus dropped us off at the Convention Center of Amadria Park. We were thrilled to spend the next 4 days together.

Long before G-day, the event organization was already impressive. The communication was crystal clear. Guidelines were personalized to everyone. And more importantly, we didn’t leave anyone behind. Interns, apprentices, you name it. They were all coming with us. We all had a packed agenda. There would be keynotes, team-building activities, and speeches given by our colleagues. But first thing first, partying. We at Criteo like to work together and celebrate together.



The experience was unique and gave us a morale boost after all these years with the pandemic. I felt connected to people I had only seen through Zoom video calls. I made a ton of new friends, and I know it wouldn’t have been possible if Criteo hadn’t brought us all together. 

On the return trip, I knew something inside me had changed. My love for Criteo has grown even bigger than before. Criteo has always been my favorite company and will surely stay that way for a long time. 

Limitless has taught us one thing. That all Criteos, no matter your background, can become united. That we all share a unified vision.  We all share a unified vision and are open, together, and impactful for a limitless, unlimited, wide-open future.

Check Limitless Aftermovie here!



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