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We Are Criteo

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Who we are.

We are a global technology company that enables marketers and media owners to drive better commerce outcomes through our world-leading Commerce Media Platform. We operate in commerce media, the future of digital advertising leveraging commerce data and artificial intelligence to connect ecommerce, digital marketing and media monetization, and best engage consumers throughout their shopping journey.

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What we do.

We innovate in new and exciting directions to power marketers and media owners worldwide with trusted and impactful advertising. We believe that when our clients win, we do too. So, we bring together technical and business-focused teams to design ground-breaking product fits that will provide richer experiences for our clients and the consumers they serve. Together, we shape the future of advertising.

How did we get there?

From the French start-up incubator to the global tech company it is today, Criteo has been an entrepreneur and a human adventure. The story goes back to 2005...


Criteo is founded as a movie recommendation engine.


Criteo launches performance display on desktop.


The company is profitable for the first year.


Criteo is listed on the NASDAQ.


Criteo acquires Hooklogic.


Megan Clarken joins Criteo as CEO to expand partnerships throughout the marketing ecosystem.


Criteo unveils its transformation and Commerce Media Platform strategy. Acquisition of Gradient


Criteo acquires Mabaya, expanding its Retail Media solutions for online marketplaces.


Criteo acquires Iponweb to accelerate its Commerce Media Platform strategy.

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What we stand for.

At Criteo, we welcome open minds with open arms. So, the first thing you will notice is how genuinely open and authentic people are. Beyond a skillset, we hire personalities who can embody, embrace, and promote our values through everything they do, both in and out of Criteo. Diversity has fueled our work philosophy and culture for a long time, enabling us to gather an incredibly diverse community of people who make Criteo the special place it is today. We believe who we are defines what we do and drives how we impact our industry. Inspired by the caring and inclusive culture we have built, we believe the future is wide open, and so is yours.


We believe open minds build open futures. So, we have gathered a community of genuinely open and authentic people who care to shape a future including everyone.


At Criteo, we look for inspiring leaders who can also be supportive team players. We care, support, and celebrate each other, so we can build greater things together.


We innovate and empower our Criteos to have a more sustainable and positive impact across our industry for our partners, clients, and the consumers they serve.

Our awards

We commit to creating an environment where all Criteos feel free to express and be themselves.

Glassdoor Best Places to Work award 2023
NOAM Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces award 2023
Comparably Best Teams HR award 2023
Comparably Best Company Culture award 2022
Comparably Best Company New York award 2023
LinkedIn Top Companies award 2022
Comparably Best Company Global Culture award 2023

The Future is Yours.

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