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From the Inside

Career Development: Shaping new opportunities

We zoom on the Voyager; our internal mobility program which allows some adventurous Criteos to switch teams for a few months, test a new role and explore different areas of the business to build the career path they want, as Michi did. Here’s her story!

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What we Stand For

Women in Business: Meet Elena Gulotta

Could you tell us a bit about your background? Born in New-York city, I now live outside of Boston with my husband and baby daughter. I started at Criteo 8 years ago as an Account Strategist on our Growth Business. There, I had the opportunity to…

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What we Stand For

Random Act of Kindness Day: Stories from Criteo

Caring people are what makes caring companies. At Criteo, we know that even the smallest act of kindness can brighten someone’s day. So, to celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day this Friday, February 17th, our Criteos Oliver, Anna, and Caitlin, shared…

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From the Inside

Work-Life Balance: How to keep the momentum

Though we can all agree on the benefits of balancing life at home and at work, we sometimes forget to address how challenging preserving work-life balance can be. In this article, we discuss openly the must-haves and challenges of building work…

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From the Inside

How to unlock your team’s creative potential

Finding effective ways to motivate your team and unlock their creative potential can be challenging sometimes, right? In this article, our Dev Lead in Paris Marina Vinyes, and Engineering Manager in Ann Arbor Nick Merkel, shared their management…

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From the Inside

Criteos’ best tricks to brighten your day at work

There is nothing such as “too many” tips when it comes to brightening your day – or your coworker’s – at work, right? We all have our own tricks to lift our spirits, so we asked some of our Criteos to share theirs. Let’s discover what they came up…

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From the Inside

Welcome to the Flexible Future of Work

As the future of work is being reshaped, both employers and employees need to adapt to the new reality. On-site, hybrid, 100% remote; the pandemic has broadened our horizons and people now yearn for the freedom to choose their work environment.…