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Your future team awaits!

Open the door to new opportunities.

Our people are our most precious asset and we are proud of the diverse community that makes Criteo the uniquely fun, supportive, and engaging workplace it is today!

As we innovate in exciting directions to power marketers and media owners worldwide with trusted and impactful advertising, our talent acquisition professionals are always on the lookout for open, authentic, and creative individuals. Our experts from all over the world team up to deliver richer experiences to our clients and the consumers they serve.

Every team has an essential role to play in building success for both our clients and ourselves. We open the door to new opportunities, all you need is to make your move.

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8 Jobs


We turn big data into smart data. Our teams are the bridge between raw consumer data and business owners and help clients make data-driven decisions.

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8 Jobs

Client Services

We are creative accelerators! From collaborating with clients to design and improve their advertising campaigns to finding technical solutions to deliver the best customer experience, we stir our creativity to tackle even the most complex of challenges.

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37 Jobs


We are connectors! Our commercial teams are putting the customer at the heart of what we do. From creating new business opportunities to client retention and growth, we interact with brands, advertisers and retailers worldwide to grow and strengthen our business.

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27 Jobs


We are creators! From designing ground-breaking products to finding unique ways to solve technical challenges at an exceptional scale, our tech teams work with state-of-the-art methodologies to shape the future of advertising.

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6 Jobs


We are interpreters! We create stories from financial data and help Criteo make the most critical business decisions.

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Legal & Compliance

We are advisors! Our Legal & Compliance team supports our overall legal strategy, combining technical knowledge with practical experience to provide legal advice to teams across the business.

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7 Jobs

Marketing & Communications

We are creatives! We spread the word about Criteo in and out of the company through impactful strategies and inspired campaigns.

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8 Jobs


We are facilitators! We work together and provide services to support Criteo's operations across the world. From internal IT teams, to transformation and general management services, we are the glue that holds the business together.

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5 Jobs


We are people-oriented! That means we innovate to create engaging and fulfilling experiences to support our business strategy and enable our employees to succeed today and thrive tomorrow.

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6 Jobs


We make things happen and instigate solutions. Our team focuses on creating a product-market fit through connecting technical and business focused teams to drive solutions together.

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GREAT PEOPLE shape greater opportunities.

We believe both great people and reliable products are key to making the future wide open. All you need to know about our culture, vision, values, and how we live them with people both in and out of Criteo is in our Culture Book. Discover who we are, what we do, and how we act as a company and as Criteos!

Read our culture book

Perks & Benefits for all Criteos.

Happy people make healthy teams, so we value employee well-being above all else. Discover the perks & benefits we offer all our Criteos!

Flexible Work

We believe flexibility and trust are key to building work around your life, and not the other way around. So, you should be free to choose where you work best. Whether you prefer the office or the comfort of your own home, we committ to providing seamless working conditions for all.

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Learning & Career Development

As your skills multiply, opportunities do too. So, we care to help you nurture your potential, identify new goals, and define what you want out of your career. Discover how we have diversified our learning resources and training catalog for you to shape greater opportunities. You care for your career growth, and we do too.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We care to build an open future for our community and beyond. Discover how our people fuel our Corporate Social Responsibility from the bottom up, embracing but also embodying and promoting values of diversity, equity, and inclusion through everything they do. Together, we strive to build a future that truly includes everyone.

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Open minds build open futures.

Who better than yourself can know where you work best? Discover how we have built a flexible work culture to help you reach a healthy work-life balance. The future of work is wide open, and it is flexible.

Flexible Working

The Future is Yours.

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