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The future is wide open, and so is yours.

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At Criteo, being Open, Together, and Impactful goes beyond our company values. It is a way of thinking all our Criteos embody and embrace! Gathering a diverse community of talents has enabled us to adapt to the challenges of a fast-changing world, and that is why we always welcome open minds with open arms. So, are you ready to jump in? We'd love to have you onboard!

We Are Criteo

What will you find at Criteo?

A people-oriented culture

You'll make real connections.

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We believe the people around you play a decisive role for you to grow and thrive at work and in life. By building a safe and inclusive workplace, we encourage you to nurture your unique skillset and personality, so you can make real connections with people every day.

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You'll be challenged to grow.

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We share a vivid passion for tackling even the most complex challenges. We believe in combining a bottom-up and open-feedback approach to improve our ways of thinking. We think out of the box to make everyone grow in unexpected ways.

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You'll create your impact at scale.

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We believe the future is wide open when it includes everyone. Creating a positive impact goes beyond driving business success, and we encourage our employees to keep that in mind in everything they do, creating richer experiences for everyone.

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You'll shape greater opportunities.

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As we innovate to power marketers and media owners worldwide with trusted and impactful advertising solutions, we always make room for creative thinking and bold ideas. We encourage you to gain the confidence and expertise you need to shape greater opportunities and define your own path.

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We build a positive impact together.

We believe diverse personalities and backgrounds are the key to building a more inclusive and sustainable future for the tech industry.

Diversity & Inclusion
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Find your Team.

Your future is open, make the move.

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Account Executive, Retail Media

  • Hybrid -
    • Seoul, South Korea
  • Commercial

Posted Yesterday

Employer Brand Apprentice

  • Hybrid -
    • Paris, France
    • Barcelona, Spain
  • People

Posted Yesterday

Account Strategy Intern

  • Hybrid -
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Commercial

Posted Yesterday

A flexible approach to work.

We strongly believe respecting our employees' real needs is essential to keep them engaged, efficient, and happy at work. To us, being Open also means respecting diverse ways of working so you can choose where you work best.

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You'll create richer experiences.

Embracing diversity has led us to gather an incredibly talented community worldwide, enabling us to better adapt to a fast-changing world.

Meet Our Community
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Our awards

We commit to creating an environment where all Criteos feel free to express and be themselves.

Glassdoor Best Places to Work award 2023
NOAM Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces award 2023
Comparably Best Teams HR award 2023
Comparably Best Company Culture award 2022
Comparably Best Company New York award 2023
LinkedIn Top Companies award 2022
Comparably Best Company Global Culture award 2023

The Future is Yours.

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