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Corporate Social Responsibility at Criteo

How we commit to a more sustainable future for all.

We believe our role as a market leader is to build a more sustainable and inclusive future for the tech industry. Now the question is; How do we drive such change?

From our hiring process to our career development opportunities, we advocate for a more equitable and diverse workforce. Our people embody, embrace, and promote values of diversity, equity, and inclusion through everything they do, fueling our Corporate Social Responsibility from the bottom up.

We know how important securing a sustainable future for all is, and we are proud of the combined efforts that brought us last year to unveil our five-year environmental roadmap. The comprehensive assessment of our activities and global carbon footprint has allowed us to structure a realistic action plan and set adequate decarbonization targets aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Our people are our most precious asset, so we have made employee well-being our top priority! From our flexible work approach, to our mental health first aid program and feel-good initiatives, we support our employees to find the right work-life balance and build work around their lives, not the other way around.

Though we are proud of what we have achieved so far, we know there is no finish line when dealing with CSR. So, we consider all these achievements a launching pad to continue building a future that truly includes everyone.

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Our CSR Report

How did we formalize our long-term CSR strategy? All our key achievements and next steps are in our yearly CSR Reports!

Discover our CSR Report
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Our environmental roadmap

We care to foster sustainable change across the industry because it is the right thing to do. Check out these main facts and key figures to learn more about our environmental actions.

Check out our priorities
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Our diverse and inclusive community

We commit to building an equitable and diverse workforce as it is the key to opening the future for all. Check out these main facts and key figures from 2022 to learn more about our DEI actions.

Learn more about our DEI commitments

Criteo Cares: Meet our communities!

Promoting a diverse and inclusive culture to drive sustainable change across our industry is one of our strongest commitments at Criteo.

Hundreds of Criteos are actively involved with keeping our seven Criteo Cares communities alive. People with shared cause and interests can then launch joint projects to raise awareness and contribute to changing our company from the bottom-up. Each community leader liaises with our Global CSR Department to ensure we are all moving in the same direction.

So, far beyond their own impact, these communities inherently fuel our global commitment to building a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for the tech industry.

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BIPOC Community

The Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Community aims to create a culture that empowers employees of color by creating safe spaces, providing resources for career development, and offering educational opportunities to Criteos.

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Critenable Community

The Critenable Community aims to provide support for our employees with disabilities and help build a more accessible world for them both inside and outside of Criteo. We believe creating awareness around disability challenges is critical in order to change perceptions and to become an even more inclusive company.

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Education Community

​​​​​​​The Education Community aims to support, guide, and encourage the under-represented people in the employment market (people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, the unemployed, refugees, minorities, women and others), as they can often have a difficult time accessing the same opportunities.

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Green Community

The Green community aims to raise the Criteos' awareness of environmental issues and to support the company's transformation towards a more responsible and sustainable future

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Parents Community

The Parents Community aims to help the employees understand better the world of parenthood and solve the potential isolation feeling of parents at Criteo. We aim to be Criteo parents' voice to be sure all their needs are met, and to prevent feelings of isolation/exclusion/discrimination.

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Pride Community

The Pride Community aims to foster the recognition, acceptance and celebration of all humans in the sexual orientation & gender diversity spectrums. Our Community's 2 fundamental principles are Love and Authenticity.

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Women@Criteo Community

​​​​​​​The Women@Criteo Community is an inclusive group that aims to transform and promote gender equality at Criteo. Its mission is to be a catalyst for the advancement of women in the workplace and in our industry.

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Criteo Giving Committee

The Criteo Cares Giving Committee actively encourages employees to volunteer their time and give back to their local communities. We have always shown great care and concern for doing our part to support the communities where we live and work in, and believe in enriching and inspiring the lives of our employees by allowing them to go out and serve them.

Diverse thinkers, one community

Discover how our Criteos experience diversity in their day-to-day with us!

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What we stand for

Criteo’s Top 10 Environmental Sustainability Commitments

“We must act now because we know it’s the right thing to do. We’re committed to thinking about how we do business to limit our carbon footprint.” Megan Clarken, CEO As many countries have just experienced one of their hottest summers, the backlash of…

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