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Criteo Leadership Behaviors

At Criteo we are all leaders in our own right.

Leadership is a mindset, and not about position, title or level; it is the way we work together. The Criteo Leadership Behavior Framework is our blueprint for success. It empowers us all to influence, lead, and fuel our growth.

Why Leadership Behaviors?

The Criteo Leadership Behavior Framework is our blueprint for success. It empowers us all to influence, lead, and fuel our growth.

It is important for our success and growth that all Criteos are aligned to the actionable ways that support our mission and values.

These six behaviors are clear, simple and represent all roles across Criteos. Whether one is an individual contributor, a team manager, or responsible for leading a larger function or group, these behaviors recognize our collaborative mindset, our unique skillset and the commitments we make to drive success together.  

Leadership Groups

Leading Self

This group welcomes field specialists who know how to lead by example when facing complex challenges and inspire others daily, not just by what they do but by how they do it.

Leading Teams

This group gathers those who believe in transcending individual skills into collective success, using their experience and expertise to guide their teams efficiently through all kinds of challenges.

Leading Strategy

This group is for those whose experience, vision and unique business understanding have made them better suited to define our company's best heading and way to reach it.

We drive impact through the way we partner.

We team up with our clients, so we can succeed together. We define success as a win-win situation, always aiming to provide top-notch service to both internal and external clients. 

This is how we grow, together.

We bring value through our words and actions and recognize impact. We take the time to make sure that our contributions are recognized. We support and celebrate each other regularly. We do so in diverse ways that best reflect our individual needs, and this is what motivates and inspires us to be impactful.

Together, we move mountains and create.

We welcome bold minds with open arms to break new ground together. We nurture creativity while learning from experience, continuously improving day by day to foster innovation.

In openness we trust.

We strive to make ourselves worthy of each other’s trust. We understand that trust is not a given, it needs to be earned. Respect, inclusion and authenticity underpins our culture and the way we connect with each other to achieve success..

We do what we say. We say what we do.

When we commit, we deliver. We turn strategy into action to make a greater impact in everything we do.

We aim for success. We own our impact.

We grow through experience. We hold ourselves accountable and support each other without pointing fingers. We assess risks, we leap, and we learn by doing, while supporting each other in the process.

The Future is Yours.

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