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Teaming Up - A referral Story

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“Encouraging” – that’s how Henry characterizes Criteo’s attitude toward talent referrals from its team members. This openness to suggestions of potential candidates has led to the hiring of plenty of Criteos, including Henry’s classmate and fellow soccer player, Maxime.

Where did the two of you meet each other?

Henry: We met several years ago when we were both at the engineering school, Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Maxime: In addition to being classmates, we were roommates and we both joined the soccer team.

How did the job referral come about?

H: After school, we kept in touch and often talked about our jobs on social occasions. One day, I remember we were playing some games in a bar and Maxime told me about his growing interest in Data Science.

M: Yes, I’d been working in the same company for a few years and was thinking about new opportunities. I started taking courses on Data Science and knew it was the core expertise of Henry’s job.

Henry, why did you decide to refer Maxime?

H: I saw a job posting one day and I put Maxime’s name forward for it. I was sure he’d be a great addition to the team. He was a super smart student and his mindset fits well with Criteo’s culture. It also was natural for me to refer him since I too was hired at Criteo after being referred!

And, Maxime, what made you trust Henry’s referral?

M: I knew him well enough to have confidence in what he said. Also, that he was having a very positive experience at Criteo.

What’s been your favorite moment working together?

H: We actually don’t work together, which I think is for the best since we’re at different levels. Having a friend report to you can be complicated when it comes to things like giving honest feedback and treating everyone fairly. I couldn’t be part of the interview process, for example. But, I did recruit him for Criteo’s soccer team.

M: I just arrived in September so I haven’t seen Henry in person -- or anyone, for that matter. We’ve talked a few times when I’ve asked him for help. I look forward to seeing each other and grabbing a bite together when we’re back in the same workspace. And, playing soccer together again!

What are 3 things you like about each other?

M: Henry’s a nice guy and easy to get along with. He knows when to work and when to have fun. And, he’s a healthy guy who likes sports like me.

H: Maxime’s a good person, not complicated. He was at the top of his class in school so I know he’s smart. And, we like the same things, like video games…and soccer.


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