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Work-Life Balance: How to keep the momentum

Posted by David Kremenitzer |

Though we can all agree on the benefits of balancing life at home and at work, we sometimes forget to address how challenging preserving work-life balance can be. In this article, we discuss openly the must-haves and challenges of building work around life with David Kremenitzer, former actor and current Software Engineer at Criteo.

Did you start 2023 with some new year's resolutions?

Truth be told, I am not really into new year's resolutions. Of course, I want to better myself, but I believe more in making life adjustments regularly. Lucky for me, I have a natural alarm clock that goes off anytime I haven't hung out with my friends or gone to the gym in a while.

Are you saying you have an internal work-life balance alarm clock?

Kind of, yes! I am aware every time I spend too much time focusing on work. So, whenever I get this feeling, I put a reminder on my phone to feel more relaxed and, even if I must postpone it sometimes, I eventually get it done.

So, have you found your own balance yet?

I have been struggling with mine, to be honest. I think it partly goes down to my previous career as an actor, as there was no line drawn between life and work. I had to be available if my agent called me late at night or during my holidays. I didn’t have complete disconnection and it still sort of backlashes today. I often find myself struggling to disconnect my brain 100% from work even after signing off physically. As a husband, a father, and an engineer, my days are quite packed, but I really try to squeeze in things that are just for me. For instance, I now start my mornings with Headspace meditation.

Do you feel you have the right to disconnect since you joined Criteo?

Definitely! When I was an actor, I felt underworked. It made me yearn for more stability. What I truly love about working here is how I trust and feel free to lean on my colleagues if needed. Having a team of people who care and have each other's back, who go through projects together, and support each other along the way is a first for me. I no longer feel guilty when I'm sick or go on vacation; and it is a relief! As a big people person, I love the spirit and support of my team. I believe that if you care about the people you work with, you naturally excel, and everybody benefits.

Is this caring and trusting relationship something you’ve also tried to implement with clients?

Yes! To me, the healthiest way to do business is to care for the people in front of you, whoever they are. Understanding their vision and ambitions is essential if you want to deliver something that suits their needs.

Any tricks you have found useful when you struggle to disconnect from work?

The meditations from Headspace and how you learn to acknowledge your thoughts have helped me a great deal. I know now that, instead of feeling guilty when I think of work during my free time, it’s better to acknowledge this thought so I can let it go and move on. Also, acting rather than thinking; cooking or chasing my son always brings me back to here and now.

What about flexible working? Is it a must-have to enhance work-life balance?

The flexibility of work we enjoy at Criteo is truthfully helpful when balancing work and life at home. It gives you the extra time you need to take better care of yourself - cooking healthier dinners, working out, spending more time with your family, etc. All the simple things that make you happier. And when you are a happier person, you are a more efficient worker, so it's a win-win!

David Kremenitzer

Software Engineer

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