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How to build a more inclusive and diverse world?

Posted by Kini Engelmo Moriche |

Remember Kini? Not so long ago, he took us behind the scenes of tech communities, and we learned so much that we asked him for the same exercise, this time, sharing his views on diversity. What concepts hide behind this intriguing word? Is diversity a true business asset? And if it is, where do we start to bring in people from new horizons? Kini, the floor is yours!  

Diversity... The word itself says it all. From my perspective, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) as a concept includes so many different aspects and issues, that we sometimes mix everything up or focus more on one group. I believe people are becoming more aware of the unfairness of some situations, but, to me, we are not pushing enough just yet. At Criteo, we often say that “DEI embraces everything we do, how we work, treat each other, and impact our clients, partners, and the consumers they serve. A diverse and inclusive culture is the cornerstone of creative collaboration and the key to fostering sustainable change across the industry.” To me, DEI means to prevent people from being treated differently and unfairly because of their sex, gender, race, religion, disabilities - the list can go on and on.  

Diverse thinking is a wonderful asset, and we need to encourage it! According to my experience, diversity of profiles brings a lot to the table. Different ages, levels of seniority, and cultural backgrounds all create diversity and help us get more creative. This is what I love at Criteo! I feel surrounded by great professionals, but, overall, diverse people at many levels. It’s not just about values but about people’s real involvement. For instance, we can mention the Criteo Cares program which gathers many communities and groups building an open culture they feel proud of. It is important to realize how lucky you are to learn from so many different experiences. I particularly like a sentence from Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. What does it tell us? That we need to bring in more people from different horizons! Only when thinking out of the box, can we get different results.

Let's take the example of female talents. Are we addressing their challenges the right way? First, we need to understand where to look for them, and how to reach out and approach them with honesty, transparency, and an open mind. Empathy should be part of any skillset today. If you can put yourself in others' shoes, you will probably understand their situation better and provide more accurate solutions. It's already started; associations and coding boot camps allow many people to reinvent themselves and discover a new path more smoothly. I believe it can help bring a greater diversity of talents to our companies.  

We must play a role as individuals, but positive change needs to happen in the media and public structures as well. In a hyperconnected world where you can get so much information anywhere, it is so easy to get lost... But I believe society is slowly shifting as access to a greater diversity of points of view is now within reach. So, let's be open, curious, and eager to build new ways together! 

Kini Engelmo Moriche

Staff Developer Relations Engineer at Criteo

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