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Who we are

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Our Values

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Our Culture

At Criteo, we believe that The Future is Wide Open, and we also believe that great people, as well as great products, make that possible.

​​​​​​​Our Culture book is the reference for all aspects of our culture: what we do and how we live our values, between us Criteos and with those around us, including our clients, partners, and future talents. Have a look to understand better who we are as a company and who we are as Criteos.

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One of the things you’ll notice first about Criteo is how open and authentic everyone is. We’re all encouraged to bring our unique talent, experience and personality into our work.

We take pride in being a caring culture and a community of individuals that genuinely supports and celebrates each other. Whether you are working from one of our incredible office spaces or collaborating with your team virtually, we strive to keep everyone connected and love learning how we can improve the experience further.

We take our work seriously but treat having fun as an integral part of the everyday- we wouldn’t be Criteo without it. Fun is more than just a catch-up after work or a big party, it’s about shared experiences and making everyone feel truly welcome.

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At Criteo we’re united by a passion for finding solutions to even the most complex of challenges because they help us grow in unexpected ways.

You'll work with colleagues who set the bar high and challenge you positively to bring your best so we expect you to bring the same to your team.

Big egoes won’t work here, we care more about creating smarter solutions together than personal glory. You’ll be empowered to speak up and share your feedback openly in pursuit of excellence.

It's not just what you know it’s how you share that knowledge to help us learn from each other and build something greater together.

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We're committed to creating a wide open future that includes everyone - our people, partners, clients and the consumers they serve.

You'll work with colleagues all over the world to drive greater collaboration, transparency and trust to get to the best solutions and create richer experiences.

We set you up for success so you can have a meaningful impact in your very first days on the job - just how great is down to you.
For us impact goes deeper than just business success. Everyone here is encouraged to positively impact our culture and communities in pursuit of a more open future.

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We are working in a changing industry, in a rapidly changing world and we're inspired to meet the challenge.

We're innovating in new and exciting directions to power the world’s marketers and media owners with trusted and impactful advertising which will create even greater possibilities for you to bring your ideas and open new doors.

You'll be empowered to define your own path with our support and to identify the opportunities that matter most to you.

We believe that we all have an essential role to play in driving success for ourselves and for Criteo.

​​​​​​​The future is wide open - and so is yours.

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Open spaces for sharing big ideas

From New York to London, Paris to Tokyo, we have a network of over 30 offices across the world. We are a cultural melting pot of more than 90 different nationalities, united by our love of challenges.

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