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Flexible Work

Building work around life, not the other way around.

Trust underpins our management philosophy.
Who better than yourself can know where you work best?

One of our job as an employer is to help you reach a healthy work-life balance. So after collecting open and authentic feedback from our employees, we redefined our entire work approach to make it more flexible and respectful of diverse ways of working. We wanted our work philosophy to come from the bottom up, so we ensure it matches the real needs of our employees.

Now more than ever, we see flexibility and trust as two must-haves to build work around life. Therefore, we innovate to provide seamless working conditions to ensure everyone feels like they belong.

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Hybrid workplace

You will benefit from various flexible work options allowing you to work from home and come to the office as you see fit.

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Work from home allowance

Have you chosen to work from home? Perfect! Now we help you make it comfortable, providing financial support to set up your own office at home (desk, chair, and monitor).

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A trusting and flexible work approach

Trust underpins our management philosophy, so each of us is free to choose where they work best.

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The future of work is flexible and includes everyone.

Keeping a strong sense of belonging alive in a hybrid environment can be tricky, but tackling even the most complex challenges is a shared passion here at Criteo. So we have felt inspired to find ways to provide seamless working conditions and equitable career opportunities for all. How? By being flexible too and adapting our ways of working. We stir our creativity, explore, test, and constantly adjust to build an inclusive work experience for everyone.

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Our culture at Criteo

We believe both great people and reliable products are key to making the future wide open.

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Discover life at Criteo!

Our blog is both made for you and by you! Discover what we stand for as a company in our employees' own words.

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What we stand for

Why fertility matters at Criteo

At Criteo, our number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of our people. This includes supporting our employees when they undertake a significant personal journey involving their medical care and family planning.

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