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5 essentials to lead your team with empathy through Q4

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As a manager, you have probably wondered several times how to ask the best out of your team without putting them under too much pressure. Yes, fostering a people-first yet result-oriented workplace isn't an easy task. Fortunately, more managers confess that pushing harder doesn't get you any further. Empathy is on every tongue these days. So now, what makes an empathetic manager? As Q4 is upon us, we thought we'd ask a few Account Strategists and Sales Managers to unveil what makes it possible to lead with empathy. 

Whether you are managing a team or clients, these are five essentials to have in mind: 

  1. Build trust from Day 1: Being an empathetic leader means you should listen first and talk second. If you actively listen to your client or employee, you'll create a climate of confidence and trust.
  2. Foster an open-feedback culture: Fostering a bottom-up approach will keep you closer to others' real needs. Getting feedback is a great way to assess and adjust how you approach this challenge or that person.
  3. Anticipation is the key to improvising without stress: Plan everything you can in advance, so you have room when something unexpected comes up. Planning ahead is the key to dealing with last-minute requests more smoothly.
  4. Adopt a solution-oriented mindset: Do not dwell on what didn't go as planned. It happens all the time! Instead of pointing fingers, be proactive and creative to find solutions and focus on areas you can impact to move forward.
  5. Be an empathetic yet confident leader: To instill trust, it is essential to show you know where you are going. Be open, transparent, and assertive when giving feedback, advice, or guidelines.  

In sum, "We often believe pushing will make us grow further, but I have learned from experience that it can also backfire. As a manager, you need to find your own style, and up until now, cultivating trust and empathy has proven to be the best options for me." - Marielle Plessis, Head of Growth AS France & UK at Criteo.

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