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Well-being starts with you

Posted by Sandrine & Andrea |

Work is important and we take ours very seriously at Criteo. But in the meantime, we’ve come to believe that employee well-being will shape the future of work. Only by making sure our employees feel safe, happy, and healthy, will we be able to build, accomplish and celebrate together as a company. Today, Sandrine and Andrea tell us all about Criteo’s “Feel Good Initiatives”, “Headspace” program, and other efforts to build a caring company culture.

Helping to bring fun while keeping our community connected in our virtual world.” This is how Andrea would sum up her work as Coordinator of Feel Good Initiatives for the Americas Region. “In supporting a caring culture, we look to offer a diverse mix of activities that we can do together such as meditation, yoga, dancing, even bartending classes,” she says, “We even designed our very own Self-care 101 course. Sometimes an initiative can take on a life of its own. That’s what happened with our Virtual DJ class which led to the creation of Criteo Jams playlists!

Many of these initiatives offer opportunities for Criteos to share knowledge and experiences such as the very popular Lunch & Learn sessions.

I love Lunch & Learns,” says Sandrine. “In addition to the learning experience, I think it also contributes to mental well-being.

Mental health is a cause dear to Sandrine’s heart as Coordinator for Headspace; a program focusing on individual mental well-being. This program was introduced to Criteo on a pilot basis at the end of 2021 and is now being implemented globally.

Meditation is probably the best-known activity,” says Sandrine, “but Headspace also encompasses physical exercises, sleep support or even simple short breathing exercises. Sessions can last from 3 to 20 minutes but sometimes, all we need 1-minute breathing to gather ourselves.

Headspace also extends the concept of caring culture outside the immediate Criteo community: each employee can add two family members or friends.

Providing our employees with opportunities to grow and make new connections is among our top priorities at Criteo. “We’re able to interact with people outside our normal work communities and from across the region,” says Andrea. Adds Sandrine, “Providing a safe place to talk openly about mental well-being reminds us that we’re not alone and allows conditions that help us grow and evolve.

Both say that such initiatives evidence the company’s strong commitment to employee well-being and personal development. “When you see our leadership team reminding us to make sure we’re taking our time off, it’s a message that resonates,” says Sandrine. Andrea agrees: “You feel better knowing that Criteo respects different ways of working and provides all of us with opportunities to grow.

Sandrine & Andrea

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