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Posted by Dominik |

Based in Munich, Dominik is the global lead for the Criteo Cares Pride Community. He shares his thoughts on Criteo’s LGBTQ+ policies and actions and how the company’s values and culture contribute to an environment of inclusivity and openness.

Could you provide some background on your career?

I started in the hospitality industry, went back to school to get my MBA in Information Systems and joined Criteo 9 years ago as a junior analyst. I’ve been entrusted with increasing responsibility and today lead EMEA’s Product Incubation team.

How did you come to be the leader of the Pride Community?

I think I was the first openly gay person in the Munich office and have always been active in organizing events and promotions around LGBTQ+ themes that increase awareness and understanding. For example, inviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to join us for events at Criteo offices. It’s probably why I was approached a couple of years ago about being the Pride Community’s first, “leader,” although the term is a bit of a misnomer. I help to organize, create awareness and recruit local leads but our community really lives through its members and the leaders in each region.

What are some of the Community’s activities?

A lot of it is basic education and awareness raising, like writing a blog post on safe sex or creating opportunities for our trans colleagues to share their perspectives. Community members and allies participate in events like Pride marches in a number of locations. Recently, we sponsored a really well-attended roundtable on queer marriage that generated a lot of conversation.

Beyond sponsoring the Community, how is Criteo doing in terms of being supportive of LGBTQ+?

I’d say Criteo as a company is doing well. There are specific actions such as a current effort to eliminate gender-specific bathrooms and the recent launch of unconscious bias training.

Maybe most important, Criteo fosters an environment of openness, consistent with our value, Open. Our culture also is one of directness. On the Munich site, for example, most people are naturally curious and know they can ask questions. And, I think people feel they can speak up if they see something inconsistent with our values and that Criteo’s commitment to inclusivity isn’t just “pink-washing,” it’s real and backed up regularly in messages from our leadership. For me personally, for example, my Pride Community activity aren’t looked at as some sort of hobby. It’s recognized as a priority on the same level as my other responsibilities.

What’s next?

We’re continuing to work with our colleagues in the Americas and APAC to recruit local leads – they’re going to be the most connected and relevant with their colleagues. We also are planning educational activities around World Aids Day and the legal situation throughout the world for LGBTQ+ populations. And, while we’re at it, having some fun!


Operations Manager, Product Incubation EMEA

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