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The Earth takes a breather

Posted by Celia |

As Global Coordinator for Criteo’s Green Community, Celia Lamberth hopes some sustainable behaviors springing from the covid-imposed experience of working from home are here to stay. The Barcelona-based Swede says the key is whether we’re ready to look out for someone special: each other.

If there’s anything the pandemic has driven home for me, it’s how much the future of our planet depends on our ability to agree to do things together. Whether it’s finding an equitable solution to distributing vaccines between countries or just wearing a mask, can we act with others in mind?

With many of us required to work from home, we’ve seen what living more sustainably might look like. Carbon footprints are being reduced with fewer office buildings to heat or cool and less cars on the road. Like a lot of cities, the air quality in Barcelona is the best it’s been in years. Also less present in the air: planes, a significant source of CO2. As the possibility of meeting face-to-face returns, can we think not about avoiding travel but rather flying smarter? Even wild animals are getting into the act, giving us a glimpse of a different world (warning: if you don’t like penguins, don’t click here!)

You and me…

But, other examples remind us that changing how we live isn’t always simple or easy. How much more plasticware is going into landfills as we become a carry-out society? More resources are needed to keep public transit running as ridership has evaporated. And, does anyone else find themselves overcompensating as a result of being cooped up by consuming more?

More time at home also gives us more time to reflect about what we can do as individuals to live greener. Some of my favorite tips? Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Help clean up a beach. Eat less meat. Vote. Recycle. Use eco-friendly DIY cleaning products and LED light bulbs. Shut down your computer at the end of the day. Unplug electronics you're not using. Start a conversation. Speak up for the environment. (Need more ideas? Join the discussion with your Criteo colleagues who are part of the Green Community and find more in the Sustainable Living Facebook Group).

…and our company

We also can carry over what we do at home and in our personal lives to our workplace. Supporting and encouraging each other to practice eco-friendly behaviors like turning out the lights and reaching for the re-usable -- not disposable -- coffee cup. Little things add up.

Our employer also ought to be a role model and I think Criteo actions like signing on to the Planet Tech Care Manifesto, participating in the Tech for Good Summit and setting carbon reduction goals are a good start. Expanding Work From Home post-covid also brings environmental benefits. And, we can do more. How about Enviro 101 training for all employees and providing information that helps us think more critically about our daily life choices?

Hasta mañana

So, ready to fight for the penguins? We’re always happy to welcome new members or just curious passers-by to the Green Community. Some of us are inspired by the example of others even younger than we are, the Greta Thunbergs of the world. Others may be motivated by a fear of failing our planet. Wherever we’re coming from – and our Community connects Criteos from throughout the world – we share a hope and belief that there’s something all of us can do to contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow…for each other!


Account Strategist & Global Coordinator for the Green Community at Criteo

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