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Belonging & Giving Back

Shaping greater opportunities for all.

Empowering our employees so they can have a positive impact across the industry and on society is essential for us at Criteo.

From our peer-to-peer recognition system to additional days off to volunteer in a cause close to your heart, we encourage you to shape your own path while feeling recognized for your work and inspired to give back. Through our committed communities, we make it easier for you to take part in a social or environmental cause, launching joint project with people who share your values and interests.

Let us shape greater opportunities together, for and beyond ourselves!

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Donation system for NGOs

Our peer-to-peer recognition system allows employees to select rewards and donate that money to the NGO you choose based on points accumulation.

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Volunteer Days Off

To us, giving back is essential. So we encourage all Criteos to join a social and environmental project by offering you additional paid days.

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Criteo Cares

We are proud of how proactive and committed people are at Criteo. We support our many social communities through seven Employee Resource Groups, enabling them to organize diverse events throughout the year.

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That's My Name Project

The "That's My Name Project" stands for a significant milestone in our efforts to build an inclusive culture. We respect that there are many reasons why someone wouldn't want to use their legal name, and we show our support by aligning our systems so they reflect the name you want your colleagues and clients to identify you with.

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Open minds build open futures.

Who better than yourself can know where you work best? Discover how we have built a flexible work culture to help you reach a healthy work-life balance. The future of work is wide open, and it is flexible.

Flexible Working
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Our culture at Criteo

We believe both great people and reliable products are key to making the future wide open.

Discover more

Discover life at Criteo!

Our blog is both made for you and by you! Discover what we stand for as a company in our employees' own words.

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What we stand for

Why fertility matters at Criteo

At Criteo, our number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of our people. This includes supporting our employees when they undertake a significant personal journey involving their medical care and family planning.

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