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Health & Well-being

Making sure you feel good at work.

Taking care of your well-being at work is our job as an employer. We want work to be a place where you can sign on and off light-hearted every day.

So, to make sure we support you in finding a healthy work-life balance, we have launched plenty of initiatives to help you unwind and take care of yourself. From putting together a group of Mental Health First Aiders to diversifying our Feel Good initiatives and offering meditation sessions with Headspace, we have made building a safe, supportive, and caring workplace has turned into a top priority.

Happy employees equal a healthy company. So our job is to help you find ways to build work around your life, not the other around.

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Monthly Quiet Day

We care to do what we claim, so we have made every first Friday of the month a Quiet Friday at Criteo to bring our employees' right to disconnect from concept to reality.

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Meditation and relaxation sessions with Headspace

Your mental health matters to us, so we have partnered with the global meditation leader Headspace to offer you and your family meditation and relaxation sessions. You can unwind and relax more easily, even if just for a few minutes.

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Employee Assistance Program

We care to support all our employees and their families equally in every moment of their lives. Our Employee Assistance Program provides professional counseling and helps connect you with people competent to support you through any work-related or personal situation you may face.

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Feel Good Initiatives

Employee well-being matters to us, so we have diversified our Feel Good initiatives to ensure you come and leave work light-hearted each day. From yoga classes, to bartending, knitting, and jam sessions, all you need to do is pick what works for you!

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Mental Health First Aid Program

Mental health at work matters and, as an employer, it is our job to offer the right working conditions to enhance employee well-being. We are proud that our entire Criteo community is actively involved in such an essential topic, like our Mental Health First Aiders, who went through extensive training to accompany colleagues going through a rough patch.

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Open minds build open futures.

Who better than yourself can know where you work best? Discover how we have built a flexible work culture to help you reach a healthy work-life balance. The future of work is wide open, and it is flexible.

Flexible Working
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Our culture at Criteo

We believe both great people and reliable products are key to making the future wide open.

Discover more

Discover life at Criteo!

Our blog is both made for you and by you! Discover what we stand for as a company in our employees' own words.

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What we stand for

Why fertility matters at Criteo

At Criteo, our number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of our people. This includes supporting our employees when they undertake a significant personal journey involving their medical care and family planning.

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