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Criteos’ best tricks to brighten your day at work

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There is nothing such as “too many” tips when it comes to brightening your day – or your coworker’s – at work, right? We all have our own tricks to lift our spirits, so we asked some of our Criteos to share theirs. Let’s discover what they came up with.

There is nothing like nature’s tranquility to start your day on the right foot. “I start my day walking my dog in the forest nearby my house” says Noémie. “I feel like I’m starting day with a moment for myself, which helps me clear my head before signing on”.

Ever tried introspective mornings?I sometimes take the time to list 5 things I am grateful for” says Andrea. “This helps me start my day on a positive note

Switching to an energetic morning routine like our early birds Kumar, Caitlin and Jacqueline. “Waking up early to start my day with yoga & meditation makes me feel filled with a nice energy right away” explains Jacqueline. She adds “I sometimes practice outside, on the beach for instance, so I can watch the sunrise." For Kumar, starting the day with “1-2 hours of exercise in the morning makes me feel happy and energetic”. “I also like to wake up early, have a coffee and head to the gym to clear my head and get ready for the day ahead” says Caitlin.

The old-fashioned caffeine, friends & fresh air combination. This old reliable, well... never gets old in fact, as Rachel’s routine shows; “I like to take a walk to our little village cafe for a latte. Though it is only a 10-minute walk there and back, it allows me to walk, take some fresh air. It gets me some time away from my screen, and, more importantly, my caffeine!” A routine approved by other Criteos like Barbara who takes her morning coffee on the office rooftop with her friends before starting her day.

A pet-friendly disconnection at lunchtime helps Justine unwind. “I spend my lunch breaks walking my dog in the "Bois de Vincennes" and... I don't take my phone with me!

Stretching your body and mind never gets old, whether you do it in the morning like Jaqueline or during the day like Andrea; “During the day, I take a 15 or 20-minute break to do some stretching or yoga. I also do short, guided meditation sessions before, during or after work. This is a great way to unwind!

Nurturing your creativity during breaks like Andrea who says she sometimes takes a few minutes to draw coloring books while listening to music.

Catching-up with your colleagues over a coffee break when you’re at the office or over a quick catch-up call if you’re working from home, like Jacqueline does.

You are now equipped with a few must-haves to brighten, not only your day, but the person’s next to you.

As they say, “happiness isn’t about getting all you want. It’s about enjoying all you have”.


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