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How to build your own leadership identity

Posted by Sydney Noymer |

Sydney kindly takes us through her journey as part of Criteo's Future Makers Program, sharing how it has helped her grow and thrive as a manager.  

Could you tell us more about your professional journey at Criteo?   

I joined Criteo's Accelerate Team in 2018 as a Customer Success Manager, working on the Marketing Solutions Retargeting business. After a few years, I leaped and applied internally to an Account Strategist position in Retail Media. I was thrilled to get the job and started my new role managing accounts within our Fashion and Home businesses. I then got promoted to lead our Small Business Team of account strategists. As we wanted to synch our global strategy, we brought all Small Business account strategists into one team, which I have been managing for two years now. If I had to sum it up, I'd call my journey at Criteo up until now very rewarding and exciting!

Which decisions have helped you the most to shape the career path you want at Criteo?   

I joined Criteo one year after college, so I had a great deal to learn about the professional world; how to prioritize, manage my time efficiently, enhance collaborative teamwork, and, most importantly, be in the driver's seat of my own career. Through the Learning and Development program at Criteo, I attended many workshops on career development, receiving and giving feedback, time management, identifying strengths, and more, providing me with the adequate tools to shape my path within the company. In addition to L&D training, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with various mentors who provided guidance and recommendations, helping me navigate the early years of my career. All this helped me build a solid launching pad for my future career.  

How did you hear about the Future Makers program, and what made you want to participate?      

My manager nominated me to join the first cohort of the Future Makers program. After only the intro session, I knew it would be a worthwhile experience. Having a dedicated career coach for six months and connecting with like-minded colleagues I hadn't met yet was an incredible learning opportunity. As a newer manager, I was particularly looking forward to hearing about others' experiences, talking through real-life situations with my career coach, and ultimately becoming a better leader for my team.      

What about your experience once in the program? What was it like for you?  

Sometimes it can be tricky to make time in our busy schedule for personal and career development sessions, but after each session with my coach or workshop with the group, I was leaving feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take on the next challenge. Every two weeks, I would meet with my career coach to talk about current challenges, tricky situations and about my successes and daily life in my role. Through these conversations, my coach would ask me open questions, challenging me to grow. I left every time feeling energized and determined to put her advice into practice. It was a very stimulating experience! 

Looking back, would you say what you learned there is still helping you today? 

Absolutely! Everything I learned, from new skills like cross-functional feedback, to shaping my own leadership identity, are all aspects I try to apply in my current role.   

In your opinion, what made such a Manager Development program a successful experience for you?   

Being supported by my manager was crucial throughout the experience as I spent 45 minutes with my career coach every two weeks and attended a 3-hour workshop with our program members each month. I needed my manager's support to feel comfortable 'unplugging' from work and make the most of this opportunity.     

Would you recommend this program to your peers? Why?    

Definitely! It truly helped me grow as a manager. Plus, it is always helpful to get an outside perspective from a coach. It allows you to see situations from all angles, improving considerably your management style.   

Any advice you'd like to share with fellow Criteos about career development in general?   

Try to dedicate specific time in your calendar to focus on your career development. It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and toss career development aside. Taking an hour to complete a LinkedIn Learning course or sign up for a Criteo training will make a huge difference as you grow in your career.    


Sydney Noymer

Manager, Account Strategy Retail Media

The Future is Yours.

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