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From the inside

How can you build long-standing customer relationships? – Part 3

Posted by Burcu Kacan |

Not long ago, we heard from Charles and Theresa, two Account Strategists at Criteo who kindly agreed to share a few pointers on building sustainable trust and mutual respect when dealing with clients. To complete this series of articles, we invited Burcu on stage! Learn from her experience and uncover some insightful tips to avoid common pitfalls of customer relationships. 

How long have you been working in a client-facing role?  

Slightly more than five years and a half now.  

And what do you love the most about your job?  

I love learning from different businesses - understanding their specificities, challenges, priorities, and so on - and stirring my brain to provide truly customized solutions and support so they can achieve their goals. Updating yourself on your client's industry is a must-have if you want to offer the most relevant and helpful consultancy. What deeply fuels my motivation is getting positive feedback on their part. Knowing how we help them grow or make their life easier is a wonderful reward!   

Do you have any personal tricks for putting yourself in your client’s shoes? 

The greatest trick lies in an empathetic approach! And that is a personal rule I try to abide by as much as possible, wondering how I would prefer to hear this or that thing if I were them. I always make sure to have a clear understanding of their business needs. That way, we know where we are heading, and it is easier to work as a team. Once on the same page, we strive to find win-win solutions for both sides and foster a sustainably respectful relationship with the client.  

How do you ensure you set up healthy foundations from Day 1?   

My top priority is always to align with my advertisers about their priorities instead of solely focusing on selling our solutions. When our clients get that we offer solutions focusing on growing or supporting their business, a trust-based relationship springs by itself; No need to force anything!  

What are the must-haves to create a win-win situation?  

Dive into their industry, research their business, and ensure you understand their needs, priorities, challenges, and goals. It is the only way you can provide accurate support and conceive helpful solutions and realistic roadmaps that will benefit both sides.  

Any insights on how to make your relationships with clients evolve?  

Keep the communication clear and regular, including weekly, monthly, and quarterly follow-ups, along with in-person meetings or activities to strengthen team spirit and collaborative work even further. Additionally, in-person meetings or even external activities like dinners will help to create a stronger bond and to know each other better aside from our business roles. It makes a huge difference, especially when facing new challenges or unexpected issues. 

To sum up, the secrets to building and maintaining a strong customer relationship are... 

...ensuring you provide them with the most relevant solutions by being open to feedback and knowing your subject to provide a higher level of service and adequate consulting. Regarding my customer relationships, keeping our communication clear and nurturing the relationship through regular meetings and in-person activities are my main priorities. 

Burcu Kacan

Senior Account Strategist Benelux Growth

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