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Steven Mason
From the inside

Insights on how to grow and thrive as a leader

Posted by Steven Mason |

We talked about leadership skills and behaviors with Steven Mason recently. Brace yourself! He had some interesting insights to share with you. 

Could you tell us about your professional journey since you started at Criteo? 

I have been quite fortunate, having been promoted 4 times in my 5 years at Criteo. I started as a Technical Recruiter supporting our R&D team in the Americas, grew to manage that same small team, and for the past 2 years have been entrusted with leading our TA efforts in the Americas region.   

How did you manage to proactively shape your own career path at Criteo?    

I have always focused on executing with excellence in my current role while remaining open and prepared to embrace any new opportunity that may occur. I have always trusted my leadership to recognize my effort, skills, and experience, and that trust has been rewarded.   

How did you hear about the leadership journeys and what made you want to participate?   

I was nominated by my manager and our Chief People Officer to participate in the RISE Leadership Development Journey. I had heard great things about the program from colleagues who had participated in the first wave, so I was honored and excited to be selected.  

Could you tell us a bit more about your experience as part of this specific program?  

Sure! The RISE Leadership Development Journey surpassed all of my expectations. The program comprised four main components, as well as an unforeseen and highly valuable aspect. We engaged in educational workshops led by external trainers covering topics such as Inclusivity and Inspiring Leadership. A 360-degree feedback assessment involving managers, direct reports, and peers concluded in a review session with an expert coach. We were presented with a business challenge that tested our creativity, project management, and presentation skills, culminating in a presentation to a group of Criteo executives. We embarked on two learning expeditions to Berlin and Paris, where we met with internal and external leadership experts, learned about sustainable growth, and networked with peers. We also formed smaller peer groups, with whom we completed the business challenge and participated in peer coaching sessions, learning skills such as co-development and the Six Hats Methodology. My peer group, consisting of six Criteos, came from five nationalities and five office locations and represented all parts of the organization. The surprise was how valuable the connections and relationships formed during this peer group came to be for us during this journey. We have relied on one another’s support during professional challenges, and I am confident we will stay connected in the future.  

Looking back now, would you say this experience has helped you in your current role?  

It has been very helpful, yes! I took away leadership skills that have helped me since then and prepared me for success in the future.  

In your opinion, what was it that made this experience so successful for you?  

To succeed in the program, I fully embraced every aspect and participated in all events without hesitation. Our tight-knit peer group provided a safe space where I could be open, honest, and transparent without fear of judgment, and this vulnerability helped me grow as a leader. I also learned to prioritize the program work and make time for it in my schedule, which was instrumental to my success.  

Would you recommend this program to your peers? Why?  

I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in growing in their career as a leader and willing to invest the time, energy, and passion into completing it.  

Would you have any advice to share with other Criteos regarding career development?  

Don't hesitate to showcase your successes and expertise. As a leader in your field, you deserve to speak with confidence and authority. At Criteo, we maintain high hiring standards and have some of the brightest talent in the world. Remember, you've already earned your place at the table, so go after opportunities that interest you. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. None of us have all the answers, and seeking help shows courage and confidence. This is your career, and no one will care about it as much as you do. Take pride in your work, seize every opportunity to grow, and succeed.  

Steven Mason

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Americas

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