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How well do you know Criteo’s communities?

Posted by Justine Tabarin |

You won’t find them on an org chart, but Criteo Cares communities offer important clues for understanding the company’s culture and its people. A source of inspiration - and emotion - says the Global CSR Manager, Justine Tabarin, who helps Communities to grow.

Where does a community come from?

They grow out of discussions between Criteos sharing ideas on what they care about. But, truly, they come from the commitment and passion any of us may feel about something: The future of our planet. How humans treat each other. Fairness. Justice. Hope. Solidarity. Caring. Goodwill. Love. Communities allow Criteos to connect with colleagues who care about a subject and want to talk about it. And, maybe, do something about it.

So, what happens next?

When it looks like there’s a need to go further, there may be a proposal to form a community. Our BIPOC community, for example, grew out of discussions this year around the Black Lives Matter protests. Another topic being discussed right now is parenting, which may evolve into a new community.

What’s involved in getting involved?

Some people just want to be more aware about the subject. Others will be more active. It’s easy: you just say, “Hey, I have an idea,” and you’re off and running! Leaders emerge naturally from those who are particularly committed and pro-active.

Yeah, but isn’t everyone already pretty busy with their day jobs? What makes them want to volunteer to do more work?

It really varies by the individual. Some may have a longstanding interest in a cause and the desire to join with like-minded colleagues to do something about it. Others may just want to learn more. This may involve promoting dialogue about the topic or working to raise awareness, say by organizing an event with an outside speaker. Or, it can take the shape of pushing the company to do more such as improving our sustainability practices by reducing our use of plastics or paper. Another example is our Women@Criteo community, which has worked to implement or expand training, coaching, networking and mentorship.

What’s in it for Criteo?

I’d say that Criteo welcomes being pushed and challenged. Our communities are a source of energy and new ideas. They help the company to stay “avant-gardiste” and constantly moving toward the future.

And for community members?

There’s something super powerful about realizing you have opportunities to help achieve change. It’s also another way for all of us to connect with each other on a human-to-human level. Employees, including our most senior managers, share testimonials about themselves and their experiences. You might get a new perspective on someone listening to them talk about their love for a child living with a disability. Or, if you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, it may be affirming to know that you’re in an accepting environment.

Criteo Cares Communities :

  • Critenable
  • Education
  • Green
  • Pride
  • Women@Criteo

Justine Tabarin

Director Global Environmental Sustainability

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