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Diversity & Inclusion

We believe the future is wide open when it includes everyone.

Open minds build open futures. And as we believe diversity is the key to opening minds, we have committed long ago to building a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Over the years, this has brought us to gather a diverse community that we are truly proud of today. We encourage our Criteos to embody, embrace, and promote values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything they do, from how they collaborate, to how they build long-standing relationships with partners, clients, and the consumers they serve.

These values are part of our DNA at Criteo, and we will continue to advocate for a diverse and equitable workforce to shape a more inclusive future together.


Women Representation in 2023


Women in Tech Roles in 2023


Inclusion Score in 2023


Women – Men French Equality Index

What we stand for.

"Our commitment to a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture stems from our objectives to increase opportunities and access for women and under-represented groups in the technology industry, from early career paths to developing programs and pathways to support the progression of diverse talent throughout our industry."

Rachel, SVP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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How do we promote diversity?

Diversity of cultures and backgrounds is the key to opening minds and boosting creative collaboration. From our hiring process to career development opportunities, we strive to instilling those values in everything we do. 

Open Path Program
The Criteo Open Path Program aims to open opportunities for students from underprivileged and/or non-traditional educational backgrounds through a strong internal support system, including onboarding, mentorship, training, and upskilling.

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How do we promote equity?

We care to provide seamless working conditions and equitable career opportunities for everyone, regardless of their origins, gender, or beliefs.


  • Gender Pay Parity for the Third year in a row.
  • Compassionate Leave Policy in case of pregnancy loss.
  • Women in Tech Sponsorship Programwhich stands for a holistic effort to boost career growth and increase the retention rate of women in our tech teams.
  • Empower U Sponsorship Program, which is designed exclusively for the U.S. team and addresses the underrepresentation of people of color.
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How do we promote inclusion?

We empower our community to promote strong values of inclusion both in and out of Criteo, so we can shape a more inclusive future for the tech industry and beyond.


  • Family-forming benefits to support all pathways to parenthood.
  • L’Autre Cercle Charter, aimed to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and solidify our commitment to create an inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees.
  • That’s My Name Project, aimed to ensure our systems reflect the name our employees want their colleagues and clients to identify them with, rather than their legal or birth name.
  • The LEAD Network CEO Gender Parity Pledge, aimed to attract, retain and advance women in the retail, consumer goods, and digital industries in Europe through education, leadership, and business development.
  • The Cancer Pledge, meaning that we commit to moving away from the stigma of cancer in the workplace.
  • Disability and Wellbeing Support
  • Employee Resource Groups

How do we support Disability at Criteo?

Global Disability Policy

It states our commitment to ensuring equal access and participation for people with all types of disabilities, and treating people with dignity and respect.

Critenable Community

A Criteo Cares community created to support both our employees with disabilities and their allies. The initiatives carried by Criteo Cares, deeply strengthen our inclusive culture and help build a more accessible world.

Disability Referents for France

Criteos dedicated to informing, guideing and supporting France based employees with disabilities.

Our Partners

At Criteo, our values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion come from the bottom up, and are also fueled by external partners.

ADA Tech School
Rev Elles
TLC Lions
Science Factor
Seekube by HelloWork

Awards for Diversity

Our efforts to build a diverse and inclusive culture have been rewarded by several prestigious organizations.


CSR Diversity award
Diversio DEI
Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index
Glassdoor Best Places to Work 2023
Ecovadis bronze sustainability rating 2023
TLC Lions - Most Human HR Strategy - Being Humans Award 2023
50 in Tech Gender Score - Score: 83 – Status: Pioneer
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Our DEI Special Programs

Get a glimpse of our culture.

Discover life at Criteo!

Our blog is both made for you and by you! Discover what we stand for as a company in our employees' own words.

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What we stand for

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