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Criteo Returnship Program

Posted by Rachel Scheel |

In February 2022, Criteo launched a Returnship Program for talent that has taken a career break due to parental or other caregiving responsibilities. It is a program crafted to ensure a seamless and enjoyable back-to-work experience.

We had a chat with Diarmuid Gill (Chief Technical Officer) and Rachel Scheel (SVP Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) to get their thoughts on this type of program and why it makes sense for Criteo to launch one.

When we introduced the Returnship idea to Criteo, you were one of the fastest and loudest to express your appreciation, need, and interest in the talent that we want to attract. Why?

Diarmuid: I am hugely in favour of the Returnship program quite simply because it’s a great idea. I think we need to make it as easy as possible to welcome people back into the workforce and to do it in as supportive a manner as possible. We are designing the program around achieving the best possible experience for the candidate, knowing that a happy employee who is motivated and working in an environment where they can learn is a big asset to any team.

How does the Returnship Program align with your priorities for Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Criteo?

Rachel: Our commitment is to attract, retain, develop and reward diverse talent at Criteo and provide equitable opportunities for all.  To do this we need to think differently and provide opportunities to attract talent from different backgrounds and experiences.  A program like this recognizes that there are incredibly talented people who have stepped away from the workplace for a period of time to focus on their family responsibilities.  During this time, they will have developed even more experiences that would be greatly valuable to Criteo. Giving them the opportunity to return to the workplace and reintegrate into their career path, or even a different career path, following this break, allows us to capture their unique experiences and skills and then help them rebuild their career.  An inclusive culture can only happen when it includes everyone, and this is what will enable us to create collaborative and sustainable change in our industry for the better.

What are your expectations of the Returnship Program and the new talent that we will welcome to Criteo as a result?

Diarmuid: I would be very happy to welcome new talent into our teams. We believe that we can have a really great win/win scenario for both the candidates and for Criteo. We will provide the candidates with on-the-job training, access to mentors, flexibility in how and where they work, and the chance to be a part of a big success story. Criteo will gain by bringing onboard new team members with a range of experiences additive to what we already have.

Rachel: First of all, I feel this is a great opportunity to attract talent who have amazing skills and experiences to offer, and this can only benefit our teams at Criteo and the business as a whole. Aside from this, we are a flexible, adaptive, growth-oriented company, and the talent joining this program will be able to find a new career opportunity that helps them find that balance between work and family commitments. It is an investment for our future talent at Criteo which I also see as a catalyst for change across other hiring programs to explore different ways of attracting talent from diverse backgrounds.

Do you want to know more about our Returnship Program at Criteo? Learn more about the Returnship Program or write to us at .

Rachel Scheel

SVP Global Talent, Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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