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Viva la vida in Barcelona!

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Three members of the Business Development team, Carolina, Agustina and Adam, share their observations about working and living in one of the world’s most dynamic, multi-cultural cities.

What is the mission of the Business Developement team and how is it structured?

Agustina: Our mission is to act as a pipeline for the sales team by attracting interest in our solutions that leads to revenue-generating contracts with clients. We’re organized into country markets with 1-2 representatives per market depending on country size. I’m responsible for the Iberia
market, for example.

Adam: An important part of what we do is helping and training each other to help us all prepare to take on account roles. Our most recent example is Carolina, who is being promoted into an Account Executive role next month, making us all proud!

What's it like being part of Team BDR?

Carolina: I’ve never been so comfortable and happy in a team, which is filled with passionate, talented colleagues. Sales organizations are notoriously competitive between team members but it’s not like that here. Our competitive instincts are channeled externally and we support each other. We also have loads of laughs. It’s been easy to make friends.

Adam: There’s a super international vibe here. I work with the team in UK and Ireland, where everyone tends to have a similar background. Here in Barcelona, there’s a rich blend of cultures that helps us become more aware of how to build bridges.

Agustina: With the diverse mix we have from every market, we’re able to share unique aspects from our own cultures and learn from each other. We also know how to have fun – like taking Caro out this week to celebrate her promotion!

How did each of you arrive here?

Adam – I studied English literature and came to Barcelona to teach before moving into a sales role. I started with Criteo last August after having been referred by someone internally, which happens a lot here.

Agustina: I grew up in Argentina and lived in four different countries prior to starting last year with Criteo. Since arriving, I’ve seen lots of colleagues being promoted. It’s highly motivating to know that there’s this openness and opportunities to grow,

Carolina: My family background is a mix between Mexican and German. I came to Barcelona to get my MBA and started with Criteo in April 2021, so my promotion occurred in less than 1 year.

What do you like the most about Barcelona?

Adam: It’s one of the top European cities and full of and character. You can find anything that your heart desires within a 2-hour drive. Many people come here thinking that they’re not going to stay too long and then become hooked by Barcelona’s charm and wind up staying.

Agustin: That’s me! I came here expecting to stay a short time and utterly fell in love with the city. I love the architecture and walking around and discovering something new each day. It’s lovely and cosmopolitan and it’s so easy to converse with other people.

Caro: What can I add? It’s international, there’s the wonderful cultural mix of people from all over, the beautiful weather, the mountains and, certainly not least, the beaches!


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