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Being Open, Together, and Impactful at Criteo India

Today, we’re meeting with Shricha Pandey, Technical Solutions Engineer, and Asheesh Verma, Team Lead - Reseller & Agency, all the way from Criteo India. Since we started operating in Gurgaon in 2016, India has naturally become a very dynamic…

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How to find the right fit for you

When it comes to career growth, our needs and aspirations may greatly vary from one person to another. So how to narrow it down and make sure we’re going down a career path that is right for us? In this article, Carolin Denner, Senior Talent…

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Make your move

Criteos have plenty of opportunities to consider different career paths while remaining with the company. Ratna and Erica share their internal mobility experiences. What were some of your reasons for joining Criteo originally?

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Internships at Criteo

Growing up as twins, Imane and Amine have shared quite a few similar experiences - including through their rewarding and stimulating internships with Criteo. Can you tell us about your background and experience?

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Viva la vida in Barcelona!

Three members of the Business Development team, Carolina, Agustina and Adam, share their observations about working and living in one of the world’s most dynamic, multi-cultural cities. What is the mission of the Business Developement team and how is…

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Making the connection with Criteo India

A fast-growing team in India works across the APAC region on challenging, cutting-edge developments. We check in with Shreyans, Data Analyst with the Center of Excellence Team, and Tavneet, Senior manager for Technical and Strategic Initiatives.

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Inside the Returnship Program with Community leaders

In February 2022, Criteo launched a Returnship Program for talent that has taken a career break due to parental or other caregiving responsibilities. It is a program crafted to ensure a seamless and enjoyable back-to-work experience.

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Discover Mariana's top tip for aspiring career travelers!

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Vive la différence!

All of us have biases. They influence how we view the world and make decisions. Hidden -- or “unconscious” -- bias during the hiring process can negatively affect candidates, employees and companies. Talent Acquisition Manager Celia Navarro talks about how Criteo fights back.