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From the inside

What “Together” Means to Criteos Today

While the last few months of social distancing have been a new experience for all of us, we're proud to see our employees create initiatives to drive our culture forward during these times of uncertainty.

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Start your journey

How to find the right fit for you

When it comes to career growth, our needs and aspirations may greatly vary from one person to another. So how to narrow it down and make sure we’re going down a career path that is right for us? In this article, Carolin Denner, Senior Talent…

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Make your move

Criteos have plenty of opportunities to consider different career paths while remaining with the company. Ratna and Erica share their internal mobility experiences. What were some of your reasons for joining Criteo originally?

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Internships at Criteo

Growing up as twins, Imane and Amine have shared quite a few similar experiences - including through their rewarding and stimulating internships with Criteo. Can you tell us about your background and experience?

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