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Discover Life at Criteo

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From the Inside

When career transitions go smoothly

Anthony’s career has taken him through various areas of expertise. From the automotive industry to the banking sector, Domino’s Pizza, and, more recently, Criteo, it is safe to say Anthony has many stories to tell. Together, we discussed the company…

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From the Inside

Hired while being pregnant

Going through a recruitment process during pregnancy can sometimes fill a mother-to-be with doubts and insecurities. Today, we welcome Lays who was eager to share her story and show that sometimes pregnancy and job hunting can mix. Being hired by…

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From the Inside

Well-being starts with you

Work is important and we take ours very seriously at Criteo. But in the meantime, we’ve come to believe that employee well-being will shape the future of work. Only by making sure our employees feel safe, happy, and healthy, will we be able to build,…

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From the Inside

Let's be Limitless!

Software Development Engineer Nam tells us about his Limitless experience in Croatia last June for the summit, and how it felt to be back together with 3000 Criteos. On a breezing summer day in the Paris suburb, I queued up after this long line at…

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From the Inside

Focusing on the EX factor

Just as digital is transforming companies’ relationships with external customers, so too it is leading to rapid and fundamental changes for their employees’ workplace. Criteo’s chief people officer Manuela Montagnana, and chief marketing officer,…

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From the Inside

Real World Sustainable Values

Over the past 3 years, Justine Tabarin has seen her job expand from managing CSR at Criteo to also coordinating the fast-growing Criteo Cares community groups and today being responsible as well for sustainability strategy – growth that reflects the…

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From the Inside

Hello again!

A “boomerang employee,” Marie rejoined Criteo just in time to help lead a new phase of enrichment of the company’s Learning & Development (L&D) offering. A challenge she’s glad she came back for.

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From the Inside

Barcelona Magic

Based in Paris, Nicolas Mourad may seem an unlikely guide to Criteo’s Barcelona office. But as manager of the software engineering hub recently established there, he knows what drives the site’s energy, both inside and outside its walls.