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What we Stand For

A Fresh Eyes Perspective on DEI at Criteo

The recent launch of Criteo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion vision and commitments marks a foundational step in the company’s DEI journey. Rachel Scheel talks about where Criteo is today, where it’s going and her role in helping steer a course as…

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What we Stand For

Be yourself

Meet Dominik, our global lead for the Criteo Cares Pride Community.

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What we Stand For

People First

Discover the amazing initiatives of our Global Benefits Team with Courtney.

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What we Stand For

Welcome home!

Among the many aspects of life the global pandemic turned upside down was the office. What will the new world of work look and feel like as we begin to gather again in spaces re-designed to meet the new, and still-evolving, norms. Senior Director for…

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What we Stand For

Inclusive Leadership – An Ongoing Journey

A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are embedded in Criteo’s Open and Together values. Three of the company’s leaders talk about how awareness, understanding and curiosity contribute to embracing and living DEI principles.

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What we Stand For

Sounds of silence

CPO Denis tells you more about the Philosophy and Policy behind the Quiet Days.